How to Register for the Residents' Only “Member Pages” or Have HOA Register you

SCPD home owners can register or have the HOA register them. Renters must first contact the Finance Department.


Or you can immediately register yourself if the information you enter matches the HOA records exactly.
First go to our webpage in any browser
  1. Open any Browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge, by clicking on its icon.
  2. Type “” in the search bar near the top of page and click the Enter key. “scpdca” stands for Sun City Palm Desert Community Association.
    • If you have never logged in as a Member before, then you are now seeing our Home page and the menu for content that is public on our site, we call this the Public view.
    • The public pages were designed to educate potential home buyers of the enormous benefits of Sun City Palm Desert, but they contain a tremendous amount of information that can be helpful for current residents as well. So, you are encouraged to look through all of these public web pages. Amenities, Local Area and Affordability (under the Real Estate Tab) and our Home page might be of particular interest to many residents.
    • The following is going to take you through how to log into the Residents' or Members Only pages. These Member view pages are password protected for residents' access only.
Log in to the restricted Members Only pages on our website
  1. In order to login and view Member pages, click on Member Login at the far right of the green menu bar. On a smartphone and some tablets, click on the padlock icon at the top far right.
  2. The first time you want to login you will need to REGISTER first, and then create your unique User Name and Password. Once that is done, you will be able to access the Member view restricted pages by entering your User Name and Password.
How to Register if you have never logged into the Member Only pages before
  • If you have never logged in before, then at the bottom of the Login page in very small letters, is “Member Registration”. Click on that and it will take you to the Validation Page. There you will enter your member number on your Sun City Resident card.
  • Now type in your first and last name. These must be exactly as shown in the Finance Department data base and these names were taken from your property grant deed or lease. Note that if there is more than one person in the household, the First and Last Name that are entered in each resident's Validation form must be the names in the data base, which might be the name of your spouse, partner or other person who purchased the house.
  • Your name may include initials, middle name, etc. Do NOT use nicknames, for example if your name in the data base is "Robert" you can NOT use "Rob", or “Bob”, you must use "Robert". If it doesn’t validate, try adding (in the First Name field) a middle initial followed by a period or adding a middle name. Then click on the black Validate bar.

If you have problems registering that you can't resolve just ask the HOA to register you for the "Member Pages"

  1. First be sure you've entered your Member Number correctly.
  2. If that is done, then the most common problem is the name you entered does not match what is in the HOA data base.
    1. To resolve that issue you can have the HOA register you. Create a CASE SENSITIVE Password (minimum of 6 characters including at least 1 number). The HOA will register you with your User Name being your Member Number (from your Member Card) and the Password you create. Just access the form and complete it with your User Name and Password right on your computer, then submit it to the HOA by just clicking on the SUBMIT button. To access that form CLICK HERE.
  3. You can also visit the Mountain View Club House Front Desk where you can complete a form with that information.
Once you have been validated as a SCPD resident you must create your User Name and Password
  1. Create your User Name and Password according to the information shown and then press the Create User button.
  2. Your User Name must be the Member Number which is the number on your SCPD ID card
  3. You can now use your newly created Username and Password to log into the Members Only Pages
Cautions on staying logged into Members Only Pages or Members view and saving your User Name and Password
  1. Note that opening a browser when you have NOT logged out of the Member view, the first page you see will be the Home page, which is most easily recognized by the rotating large photos at the top. If you HAVE logged out and then you sign back in with your User Name and Password, you will be taken directly to the Member Central page.

  2. Once you have logged in as a Member, then UNLESS you log out, if you close the browser and open it again, it will keep you logged in and bring you to the Member view menu, and anyone using your computer can see your information.

  3. If you wish your browser can save your User Name and Password so you don’t have to enter it each time, but then anyone using your computer will be able to log in to the Member view and will have access to your personal information.