Real Estate Agents Can Advertise SCPD Homes for Sale or Lease on Our Website

We now offer real estate agents and brokers the opportunity to advertise their SCPD listings on our public website. We have created a Real Estate Ad web page and Real Estate Advertising Flipbook just for this purpose.

These ads, targeted to potential buyers and renters, are for SCPD properties only.  The flipbook is updated at the beginning of each month when advertisers can update or replace their ads at no additional charge.  Advertisers also have the option of updating their ads whenever they feel it is necessary for a small revision charge. Photos and short descriptions of each listed property are encouraged in the ads. How much you can include in your ad is only limited by the size of your ad. Each property can have a click through link to that propertys web page on your website. These link visits to your website can be tracked by adding ?SCPD to the end of the URLs you embed in your ads on our website.

Recently we've had about 6,000 or more visitors (as contrasted with SCPD residents) viewing our public website each month. Presumably many, if not most of them, are thinking about buying or renting at an active adult community. In fact, more than 600 non-residents specifically view our real estate web ad flipbook on a monthly basis and we believe most are POTENTIAL BUYERS. To address this large group of our website visitors in addition to our real estate web ads, we added a Potential Buyer & Renter Information” flipbook with extensive information on SCPD including FAQs that had been asked of our Welcome Center volunteers by visitors wanting to look at open houses. The average time each of these potential Buyers and Renters spend on our website is well above average.

Almost 50% of recent SCPD residents said SCPD was recommended to them by friends or relatives.  When our residents recommend someone look at our website, that potential buyer or renter will be seeing real estate agentsads on our website. Thus, it should go without saying that the hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers and renters that view our website each month should be a very attractive target audience for real estate agents who have listings at Sun City Palm Desert.

The real estate ads in our News & Views community magazine are targeted primarily at our current residents who might want to list their homes for sale or lease. As many of our buyers and renters learn about SCPD from our residents, the N&V ads also give our residents ideas of who they could suggest as a real estate agent referral.

Our web-based real estate ads on the other hand, are targeted directly to potential buyers and renters who view our website. Some data indicates about 80% of buyers research active adult communities on the Internet before they contact a real estate agent. The hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers and renters that view our website each month are the primary target audience for these web-based ads showcasing homes at Sun City Palm Desert.

Thus, SCPD offers real estate agents and broker two very different advertising venues for reaching their target audiences: Our News & Views magazine to primarily attract listings; and, our web-based ads to primarily sell or lease SCPD homes. Since both advertising mediums are each very important tools to reach those two different target audiences, SCPD offers our web-based ads only in conjunction with our N&V ads.

 If you need any further information please contact us at [email protected].

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